name Jack Monaghan full name Jackson Alexander Monaghan nick names Jack, Jacky, Jacks, 'Andrew Jackson', AJ, Alex birthdate / age January 31st, 1981/ 34 hometown Dublin, Ireland residence Lexington, Kentucky occupation Owns Clover Bar status Married (Katerina Santiago) Nationality Irish-American languages English religion Catholic
facts • Jackson Alexander Monaghan was the first of 4 children born to William Monaghan and Alison Pierce. Jackson was born on January 31st, 1981 at exactly 12:04 AM, exactly 7 minutes before his twin brother.

• Jackson was born and spent the majority of his childhood in Dublin, Ireland before his father and step-mother moved the family to Lexington, Kentucky when he 11 when they moved.

• Jackson was seven years old when his mother walked off and left him and his siblings. To this day he has never forgiven her.

• Jackson has a slew of nicknames, but the only one he prefers is Jack. In middle school he was often called ‘Andrew Jackson’, when he started high school he went by his middle name, Alexander or Alex for short. However the nickname Andrew Jackson had already stuck with most of his classmates. The nick name AJ, given to him by his sister, was a result of being called Andrew Jackson so much. At 34 there are still some people who refer to him by this name, some of which are good friends.

• Jackson was about 8 or 9 when his father married Siobhan, his step-mother. It really wasn’t that hard for Jackson to adjust to having Siobhan and her children around because all of the time, because before they were married Siobhan was around most of the time anyways. Jackson never called her ‘mom’, but always had respect for Siobhan. He has also never thought of his step-siblings as not being biologically related to him.

• As an infant and young child Jackson rarely acted out. It seemed the only times he did misbehave were when he wasn’t around his parents or grand-parents. As he got older, and more siblings came, Jackson became responsible to a certain extent. Most of his problems in school came from defending his siblings from bullies, or keeping boys away from his sisters.

• Jackson was 21 when he and his high school girlfriend tied the knot. He’d just gotten out of jail when he and Christina decided to get married. He was young and reckless and the marriage ended in two years later. Christina and Jackson had one child when the marriage ended. The marriage ended on good terms, with the two of them realizing they really didn’t love one another. Jackson was still a major part of Abel’s life.

• Jackson started dating Katerina Santiago right around the time his step-mother got sick. Jackson and Katerina welcomed their daughter in August of 2008 and really didn’t have plans on getting married right away, until it became clear Siobhan wasn’t going to live much longer. Katerina told Jackson were married a few months later in November of 2008, and it was honestly the best choice. Siobhan would die a few months later in 2009.

• It was hard on the entire family. They would go to Dublin to bury Siobhan and after the funeral was over Jackson would ask Katerina to stay in Ireland. He wanted to get to know his father’s side of the family, and he also wanted a chance to get to know Siobhan’s.

• Jackson lived in Ireland until 2012. Jackson and Katerina would welcome their second child before leaving Dublin.

• Back in America, Jackson found himself looking for work. While in Dublin he’d worked in a bar as a bar tender and had gotten pretty good. He decided he wanted to open his own bar and went into business with his brother and two of their friends. Clover was opened in the spring of 2013.

• While in Dublin Jackson was approached by his mother, Alison Pierce. She wanted to apologize and also wanted to try and have a relationship with Jackson and his siblings, but he refused. He never told anyone that he’d met Alison.

storylines parents • William Monaghan; Father (51) -- Alive; Anthropology professor
• Alison Pierce; Mother (50) -- Status Unknown
• Siobhan O'Beirne; Step Mother (51); Deceased -- 2009
siblings • Twin
• Younger brother
• Younger sister
• Step brother
• Step Sister
• Step Sister
• Half brother
• Half Sister
• Half brother
• Half Sister
• Half brother
• Half brother
• Half Sister
other family • • wife • Katerina Santiago (30) Married November 27th 2009- Present children • Abel Lee Monahgan (12; January 1st 2003)
• Isabelle Siobhan Monahgan (6; August 24th, 2008)
• Noah Alexander Monahgan (2; May 7th, 2012)
friends co-workers other relationships • Christina Greenly (34) Ex-wife married 2002-2004 family background Alison Pierce and William Monaghan were freshman in college when they found out they were expecting their first child. Alison’s plans didn’t include getting pregnant until after she’d graduated college and gotten married. Her mother suggested abortion and Alison even drove to an abortion clinic, but couldn’t bring herself to go in. She told William she was pregnant and seven months later they welcomed not one, but two babies. A set of twins, it was unexpected but Alison and William welcomed them none the less. Alison returned to school after a while, but when she became pregnant a second time, Alison dropped out of school. When she found out she was pregnant the third time, Alison didn’t want the baby. She had plans on going to get an abortion when William found the pregnancy test and asked Alison about it. She told him she was pregnant but that she didn’t want the baby. She wanted an abortion, but William talked her out of it. Instead she went to therapy and by the time the baby was born, she seemed to be in a better place, but truthfully it was a lie. After their final child was born, Alison disappeared two months later. William came home to an empty apartment, his children were down the hall and Alison was gone.

After that things were hard for him. William had no idea how to juggle being in school, going to work, and raising four children on his own. William could only ask his parents and sister to watch them so many times before he started feeling guilty. 6 months after Alison left, William ran into an old high school friend Siobhan one day, who’d recently, lost her husband and the rest was history. Siobhan had three children of her own, when she ran into William. She and William made arrangements to help one another out. Four months into the arrangement, Siobhan realized she was spending more time at William’s apartment than her own. They weren’t just watching each other’s children anymore and they decided to get married. It was quick and most people were shocked when they learned they’d gotten married, the two hadn’t discussed it with anyone other than their children. Siobhan and William were happy. When they found out they were expecting they realized William’s apartment just wasn’t going to work anymore. They started looking for a home in Dublin and found a small 4 bedroom house right outside of the city. Siobhan and William had plans on welcoming two children, but when she went into labor early, the doctors discovered she’d been carrying a set of quadruplets.

By this point, William had graduated from college but was having trouble finding a job, it was then he got an e-mail from an art historian telling him about a job opportunity in America. Siobhan and William talked it over and decided to make the move. The first year was a bit of a struggle. They were living in two motel rooms before they finally saved enough to buy a house, a small farm right outside the Lexington city limits. Almost two years after moving to Lexington, Siobhan found out she was pregnant again and welcomed a set of twins nine months later. After the birth of the twins the couple decided not to have any more children. The couple would welcome another child in the winter of 1996. The baby girl was born two months premature and they were sure they were going to lose her, but the baby girl pulled through. After this Siobhan and William made sure there were no more wild nights and were careful when they had sex.

Life in America was great for William and Siobhan. He’d eventually get his master’s degree and start a job at the University of Kentucky, while Siobhan worked as a pediatrician. Eventually the family of 16 started losing size as their older children became of age and left home. It was perfect until Siobhan found out she had breast cancer in 2006. Siobhan and her doctors were hopeful that she would survive, but in the end she would lose the battle and passed away in 2009. William originally planned on burying his wife in America, but her family wanted to bury her in Dublin. William and their children made the trip to Dublin to lay her to rest. It was a challenging time for the family. The Monaghan family was forever changed after Siobhan’s death. To say the least, the family drifted apart for a while after Siobhan’s death. Some of William and Siobhan’s children remained in Dublin after the funeral, while the others returned back home to Kentucky.

Fast forward to 2015, all of the Monaghan children have returned to Lexington, Kentucky.

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